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Sling TV Announces Multi-Extra Discount Pricing for Add-On.

How does the 4 Extras deal work? What sports can I watch on Sling TV? What programming is available for a free preview on Sling TV? How am I billed for Sling TV? What are Sling TV. Sling TV has announced the launch of its new "4 Extras Deal." As part of the promotion, subscribers can now sign up for a bundle with the Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra packages all for just. 2017/02/24 · Sling TV is calling this is ‘4 Extras Deal,’ and is offering it to both its Blue and its Orange subscribers. For those unfamiliar, Sling TV has a particular arrangement in which one subscribes to one of two base packages: Sling Orange or Sling Blue. Sling TV Offers Four Extras Tiers For $10 Sling TV is now offering four of its $5 per month "extra" programming tiers together in one $10 bundle. Here is how Glenn Eisen, Chief Marketing Officer and Customer Champion. If the Hollywood Extra was one of the various included Extras I would be all over it. The current 4 available with the "4 Extras Deal" are Kids Extra, Comedy Extra, Lifestyle Extra, and News Extra all for $10. They are independently $5.

Additionally, Sling TV has a Comedy Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, and Hollywood Extra available. Their “4-Extras Deal” will let you save money by subscribing to four packages for just $10 instead of $20. However, you won’t. 4 EXTRAS DEAL - $10 With this new offer, get 2 of our most popular Extras FREE. You'll get Kids Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, and Comedy Plus Extra for only $10 — that's 4 Extras for the price of 2! Personalize your. Sling TV Extras Extras are competitively priced add-on channel packages for Sling TV’s base Orange, Blue and OrangeBlue channels. Ranging in price from $5 to $15 per month, the Extra packages you select are an additional cost that is added onto your base subscription fee. 2017/02/24 · Now, to cover the middle ground between broadcast TV, streaming services and a complete cable replacement, Sling is introducing new channel bundles for fans of Comedy, News, Lifestyle or Children's programming. 2017/06/19 · I currently use PSV and Sling World Sports, a few months ago I had Sling Orange/Blue with sports extra and the 4 extras deal. If you are just watching at home on your Roku, PSV is the best. But Sling is by far more.

Sling TV has a bundle offering called the 4 Extras Deal that combines the Kids, Comedy, News and Lifestyle Extras for a single $10-per-month subscription, a 50% savings. Here’s the complicated part: the specific channels in each Extra bundle will vary depending on whether you subscribe to the Orange Service or the Blue Service. Sling Orange and 4 Extras Deal- With Sling TV's streaming services, you get to pick your channel lineup & personalize your TV experience. Extras included: Comedy ExtraLifestyle ExtraNews ExtraKids Extra. For most people, the best value available via Sling TV is one of the base packages Orange or Blue, depending on your preferences, and the 4 Extras Deal. This will give you 25-40 channels in the base package, plus an additional. 2019/11/28 · You can purchase Sling Orange and Sling Blue together and pay $40/month. Before you sign up for Sling TV, here are five things you need to know. Meanwhile, five Discovery networks Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend and Animal Planet are coming to Hulu with Live TV’s $39.99/month plan in December. 2019/12/11 · TechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Home Deals TV Sling TV packages and price: see the cost of the deals you can.

Sling TV Offers Four Extras Tiers For $10

Channel list and addon package linup information for Sling TV Toggle navigation Streaming TV Guides Lineups My Favorites Sling TV - Orange Sling TV - Blue Sling TV - OrangeBlue PlayStation Vue - Access PlayStation Vue. 2019/12/23 · The "4 Extras" deal now weighs in at $12 a month. The "Total TV Deal" is $25 a month if you have Sling Orange and Sling Blue. It's still $20 a month if you have just one of the base plans. The good news is that you're going to get. Sling OrangeBlue4 Extras Deal Like cable TV, only better! ToS Do Not change any account information password, name etc If there is an unlikely chance of an issue, always contact me first and I will resolve it instantly. 2 month. Save up to 10% Off Your Purchase on Sling products Save money with this awesome deal: Save up to 10% Off Your Purchase on Sling products from eBay. Surround. 4 Extras Deal Add for only $10/mo Enjoy best price with this.

Sling 4 Extras Oct 03, 2019 · Sling TV is all about choice. In that spirit, we are offering the “4 for $10 Deal,” a multi-Extra discount for our Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers. You can now subscribe to Kids Extra, Lifestyle Extra. this link since your browser does not support frames. Sports Extra is now $15 per month with Sling Orange and Sling Blue; Sports Extra remains $10 as an add-on to Sling Orange or Sling Blue. The 4 Extras Deal is now $12 per month, and the Total TV Deal is now $25 per month. 2019/12/23 · 4 Extras Deal is now $12 Total TV Deal is now $25 when added to both; remains $20 when added individually to either Orange or Blue. Pricing out of the way, there are other items here that might make you feel slightly better. Sling TV is arguably the number one choice of cord cutters. Sling TV is the least expensive live TV service before any discounts or promotions. This service allows you to choose between different channel packages and watch TV.

2019/03/05 · Sling TV review: pricing, packages and channels Sling TV remains one of the lowest cost options as an alternative to cable or a satellite TV subscription. The most basic package costs $30 per. Sports, Shows, Movies & More on Sling TV Gather the Family for Outdoor Entertainment, Timeless Movies and More with New Heartland Extra - What's On Sling We’re constantly expanding our programming options to give you more choice and control over what you watch and pay for. Another way to save with Sling TV is the 4 Extras Deal. With this add-on, you get the Kids Extras, Comedy Extra, News Extras, and Lifestyle Extra add-ons for only $10 per month. That’s another $10 per month in savings for an. Say hello to Sling TV Extras, the only thing better than Sling TV! Bump up your subscription with a personalized extra from Sling TV, letting you get more of the stuff you love. Pick the category you love the most and for a small fee. Search query Search Twitter Saved searches Remove In this conversation Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @.

2017/08/24 · With the 4 Extras Deal, you get 38 channels for $10. Even if you buy the Orange and Blue combo package, you are still only paying $50 a month for cable TV. Broadcast Extra Monthly Cost: $5 One downside of Sling TV is that.

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